Big Data insights to transform B2B Lead Generation Data Driven Marketing

Expand your business like never before

Enter into the new ventures and business territories
Reach your clients in a more effective way by harnessing the data and the analytics in a highly refined way. Email Data Supply implements the tailor made action plans which have the clearly defined goals and the firm takes all the practical steps that are needed for your company’s success. The company enables the client’s to expand their business boundaries and to enter into new ventures and partnerships for the achievement of their expansion plans and for the growth and development of their businesses.

Develop potential leads through data driven marketing efforts
The lead generation services of the companies are meant for all those clients that focus on the sales of the B to B products and services. The B to B lead generation campaign offered by generates full interest of the target prospects into the company’s products and services that drive the firm’s sales .As there is so much information available in the digital world today. Emaildatsupply utilizes all the marketing channels including the digital channels to develop and qualify the potential leads to trigger the sales in the right manner. Our marketing research team is involved in finding the innovative ways to reach to the target buyers and also focus on the visibility and the development of the ongoing and long lasting relationships with the buyers. For any type of organization to grow, there is a requirement of highly authentic, reliable and result oriented data. It is the database that delivers the valuable information about the consumer to the client organization and the firm also carries out the highly effective marketing analysis to determine the market trends, the buying pattern of the consumers and to generate more number of qualified leads for the best results.

Look into each and every stage of your buyer’s journey
Buyer’s journey is the process that all the consumers go through while looking at the company’s products or the services. It is a three step process in which buyers become aware of the products or services, carry out their evaluation and then actually purchase the new products or the services of the company. Buyer’s journey is a crucial framework for any type of marketing strategy. All the marketers and the sales personnel have to adjust their marketing strategies in order to cope up with the changing practices of the consumers in today’s market. enables the marketers to understand what their consumers are doing and how they can be assisted in moving their consumers from the first stage of the buyer’s journey i.e. awareness to the last stage which is decision making stage of the buyer’s journey process. So al kinds of information which is related to the buyer’s journey should be shared across all the department of an organization. For marketing people understanding the buyer’s journey is an important step in the determination of the current position of the prospects and it will help them in deciding upon the right step to nurture the leads and also for imparting the responsibility of the potential leads to the sales department of the company.

Companies today can adopt the inbound marketing strategies and they should also try to understand the basic differences between the marketing qualified leads and the sales qualified leads. Marketing qualified leads are the potential prospects that express more interest in the company’s products in comparison to the other consumers. It is an early stage of the lead qualification which enables the company to sift through the large number of potential buyers. An MQL can be qualified for large number of reasons like in case the prospect has inquired about the company’s product or has exchanged the business cards and many more things. The sales qualified lead is the representation of the final approval of the lead. This type of lead is deemed fit for the client and the lead after being nurtured by the marketing team has now entered into the sales funnel.

Trigger contact actions in real time
Contact actions are the responses which are triggered by the marketing or the sales departments in the real time. Both the marketing and the sales department of an organization should have the full access to the shared metrics. Full accountability should be provided to the teams on their actions along with the continuous evaluation of the performance with the suggestions for improvement. Even the integration of the sales and the marketing automation doesn’t provide the full guarantee for success and there is a need for the full alignment of the marketing team activities with that of the sales team. The automation should be supported by all kind of the database and also the information on the consumer’s insight can translate into increased sales revenue.

The filters can be applied to the consumer database to narrow the search and find the contacts that the marketers are interested in. Simple demographic is not sufficient to provide the qualified leads in today’s highly complicated marketing environment. The company needs to research thoroughly about the background of the consumers .Now researchers are forced not only to produce consumers contacts but the real and the valuable information that can be utilized by all the parts of the organization for triggering the ultimate sales. Today consumers are interacting with the brands and the media in a highly sophisticated way and they can be engaged in a far better way as compared to the past.

It is essential for the companies to determine their valuable consumers and what can be done to influence their buying behavior. Our firm brings the multiple source data together and companies will be spending very little amount and time to integrate the data and they will look at every action a consumer can take. Even the companies want to know about their current or the potential consumers. Our firm delivers all kinds of solutions and the techniques that fully support the clients marketing activities. Our marketing strategies are tailor-made to align with the firm’s objectives .The consumer insights also puts all the data into the perspective so that the client can understand what they are doing and what can be done for further improvement.

Understand Buyer’s sphere of influence and contact the key decision makers
Consumers these days are avoiding traditional marketing procedures. The marketers are adopting the new and highly innovative marketing strategies for the increased long term engagement of the consumers with the company. The company focuses on the buyer’s sphere of influence that facilitates the businesses to engage their consumers more effectively in all types of the marketing channels.

Now a day buyers have the full information about the client’s products and services. From generating new leads to finding perfect buyers, the buyer’s sphere of influence is the driving force behind the success of the marketing team. All the buyers are fully aware of the products and services offered by the clients. The purchase decision makers have to be convinced fully that all the products and services that a company offers completely fulfill their requirements and can solve their problems.

So one needs to convince the purchase manager that our offerings are the best and how they can help him. The purchase manager is the key decision maker of the client firm and he will be able to influence the other people of the organization as well. Through appropriate meeting research, tries to find out all the people who are associated in making the buying decisions for company.

Benefits of Lead mapping techniques
Through the utilization of the lead mapping techniques, the efficiency of your marketing department and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign can be increased .The mapping tools enable to view the sales team information and one can view the trends, hot spots and even the cold zones that will enable the marketing teams to take appropriate action. The lead mapping techniques are extremely useful to prepare reports but the mapping tools are even more helpful when the company wants to map the full addresses of the potential leads or the consumers worldwide.

The highly fast and accurate geo coding can also be used for carrying out the conversion of the city, state, zip code or eve the postal code into the capable coordinates .With the help of the geographic information that you have about the leads you will be helped to learn more about the leads and focus all your marketing efforts in one direction for the best results. Even one can also utilize the advanced map marker clustering technique to sum up the value of all the potential leads in a particular area. Even the sales lead map enables the clients to generate new leads down by location.

The mapping applications can be integrated with the customer relationship management software to bring all the critical data at one place and it saves a lot of timeand effort of the sales personnel to search the leads. The maps also enable the sales team to sort out the customers with the different pin points. Sales team can then filter down the customers on the basis of their importance.

It will be easier to differentiate the leads and explore all the opportunities for the best outcome. The lead mapping services extended by the company helps all those firms whose business is dependent upon the pre assigned sales leads and significantly improve their productivity and efficiency. There is also reduction in the overall cost per sale with the implementation of the lead mapping techniques.

Our advanced lead mapping system has developed better and much faster ways to produce geographically clustered and fully optimized leads. Even there is the reduction in the operational cost and also decrease in the turnaround time which has extended many opportunities to the businesses to make sales and grow. Even all kinds of digital interactions made by the buyers can be fully tracked and the information is also provided about the page visits, links, number of clicks, time spend on the website and the number and the kind of downloads which are made by the potential buyers.

Gain a consumer’s insight and maximize utilization of information
The ability of the company to drive business growth depends upon the depth of its consumer insights and how well such consumer insights can be translated into subsequent actions. There is a range of qualitative and quantitative marketing research tools that are applied to develop a deep understanding about the consumers. The companies need to completely automate the process of data generation and that data should be accessible to all thedepartments of the organization .The integrated sales and marketing platforms are crucial especially in the B2B companies.

There should be interconnection between the different departments with the help of the complete automation of the data generation process .The firms can take the advantage of the most relevant data and at the same time tap the potential of the valuable consumer insight which will result in the effective nurturing of the leads and ultimately results in the increase in the sales of the company. The insights into the consumer enable the companies to spark innovations and they can uncover the most promising source of revenue for them. This leads to the development of the successful products and highly recognized brands.

Through the in depth consumer insights ,marketers can develop the highly innovative and fully differentiated marketing strategies and can help the clients to do exactly what they want to. The objective is to develop the set of the practical abilities that reveal the appropriate data and maximize the utilization of the available data. Clients are delivered the information driven data management solutions. The customized solutions are developed as per the client’s needs and managed by the expert team .Marketers now have access to the data from the wide variety of sources which can be utilized for increasing the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Models of marketing
Earlier there were three distinct approaches of marketing, the first one was the product orientation where people focused only on the production processes and they were involved in the production of given quantity of the products and services without any emphasis on the quality of the products. The second approach was the product orientation where the focus was on the quality of the products. The third one which was practiced as the marketing approach was the selling orientation where marketers were only involved in selling and promoting the products and they didn’t made efforts in determining what actually the end consumer desires for. Earlier people were not having access to the wide varieties of information that they are having today.

Most of the times ,sales people were involved in the door to door selling of the company’s products and made the false promises to the consumers but if one looks at the telemarketing which was done earlier also telemarketers didn’t emphasized on the establishment of the long term relationship with the clients. Their efforts were just confined to closing the deals. There was no accountability on the customer’s follow-ups and no efforts were made on the collection of relevant information about the prospects. Contemporary marketing involves all those theories that laid emphasis on the customer orientation in comparison to the traditional market orientation. But now even the consumers are involved in the research about the companies and are much more aware as they are reading the product reviews and gathering information about the company’s offering.

So the smart businesses today are looking at the long term perspective rather than focusing on the short term profits. If one look at what the contemporary marketers are doing, we will see that they are involved in driving the higher and appropriate traffic to the company’s websites. They are trying to increase the audience base and trying to convert the leads into customers by way of different means. They are trying to nurture the leads and transforming the leads into sales. Marketers need to explain the importance of the products and services to the consumers, address their issues and have to influence the consumer’s decision making to convince them to buy the products.

In earlier times, it is only the salespersons that were involved in closing the leads .They used to call the clients and tried to close the deals through the telephonic conversions or face to face interactions. But now the varieties of medium are utilized like social media, blogs, emails, direct mails and many other types of promotional methods to influence the prospect and also the effectiveness of these types of promotional methods can be determined. Today’s marketing environment is highly noisy and too crowded. But at the same time there are many techniques and tools which can be utilized for the promotion of the products and the services. The marketing has evolved to a great extent over the past few decades but the core principles of marketing remain the same. Essentially every lead is generated through the collection of appropriate information. All the marketers and the sales personnel want to fill their sales funnels and that too at the quick pace. This is the reason why many businesses these days want to buy leads rather than generating them internally. Buying leads in comparison to generating them is much easy and it also takes little amount of the time and the efforts .But it should not be always the practice.

The first reason is that the leads purchased by the businesses don’t actually know about them. The messages that are send to them would be unwanted messages and sending unwanted messages would turn out to be intrusive .The entire process of the lead generation should involve the stimulation and capturing of the buyer’s interest in the products and the services of the firm for the purpose of the development of the sales pipeline. Lead generation has undergone substantial transformation from the past many years due to the emergence of the online and social tools. Since there is abundance of information available online, one can look at the self-directed buyers and they can be the extremely good source of the qualified potential leads which can be converted into final sales.

Effective cycle of feedback leads to further improvement of marketing efforts
The effectiveness of communication between the sales and the marketing team can actually make or break the entire customer experience and also make huge impact on the consumer buying process. Some companies try to downplay the relationships between the sales and the marketing teams but since they have the common goals, the process of the data exchange between the two departments can play the wonderful role in the entire lead generation process . You can think of the situation when both the marketing and the sales team are working on the same qualified leads but on one actually knows which lead to prioritize or which to follow first. So in that case there will be no optimization in the lead flow process of the organization.

With the placement of the single lead flow process, there can be improvement in the relationships between the two departments and would result in the streamlining of the lead flow process. On receipt of the lead by the sales team, marketing team should provide all kind of information about the targeted lead and that information can be utilized by the sales team to get fully aware of the prospect and to take appropriate steps for the conversion of the lead into final customer. It is the marketing team that nurtures the lead which is finally sends to the sales exam for its closing. Marketing team need to check out all those leads which couldn’t be closed .In case there is a decrease in the conversion rate or subsequent reduction in the volume of leads, the marketing team need to devise appropriate strategy for the lead generation. They should look for further ways to attract the target audience and for communicating information about their company’s products or services.